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What She Wanted: Part 4 By Looney

EXPLICIT MATERIAL NOT INTENDED FOR MINORS. c 2000 use prohibited without author's consent.

I planned things for the next Wednesday night. I had the hotel room all
set up, the additional players (2 of my buddies), and enough kinky idea's
to keep everyone busy. I took the day off and drove back to her town. I
went by where she worked and checked out her truck. Sure enough, small
town mentality, the windows were open. I walked up and placed her outfit
and instructions on the front seat and drove off to find a payphone.

She had not heard from me for more than 5 days, and her voice was
trembling when she lowered her tone and answered, "Yes Master". I could
tell she was nervous; she was looking around the office, wondering if
anyone knew I was on the phone.

"Is your pussy wet?"

"Yes, it is now. I love to hear your voice. I miss hearing and seeing
you. I want to be..."

"Shut-up!" I said. "I want you to stop talking and just listen."

"Take the afternoon off, act sick. Get into your truck and you will
know what to do."



"Yes. Yes Master. Will this be like last time in the truck?"

I did not answer her.

"Are you wearing panties?"

"No, you specifically said I could not."

"Good, good. And you are wearing a skirt?"

"Yes, only skirts from now on. Everyone at work seems to like me better

"Good. You will be rewarded for following your orders."

"Master, will this be like the last time in the truck?"

"Have you fucked you boyfriend?"

She paused... "Yes, once. He was... you did not say I couldn't."

"Leave work, now, and go to your truck." Click.

By hanging up on her, I hope to have her feel unsure if she is in
trouble or not for fucking her boyfriend. I could care less, I am just
happy to have a sex toy. Someone willing to do whatever I make her do.
Someone that just can't get enough sex. It was a miracle that I fell into
this situation, and I was going to milk it for all I could.

It was not more than 5 minutes later and she walked quickly to her
truck. I watched her get inside and then look frantically around for
someone when she found the package on her seat. Inside the truck I could
see her holding up the items I left. There was a red pushup bra, a pair of
thigh-high black stockings, and a blindfold. She then opened the sealed
envelope which had a hotel key with the room number written on it and a
note saying, "15 minutes: be standing between the beds, prepared. Say
nothing unless spoken to."

She started the truck and drove off. I went the other way back to the
freeway and to the hotel in town. I gave her about ten minutes and then
walked in the room. Sure enough, she was standing between the twin beds,
long black stockings and the red bra pushing her tits up and out.

Her nipples were hard because I had left the air-conditioning on to make
it cold. She had the blindfold over her eyes and was fidgeting around in
obvious anticipation. I walked to her and near her, but never touched her.
I made a few noises and ran the water, and left her wondering for about ten
more minutes.

I turned on the television and sat back to wait and watch. She lasted
about 2 minutes when she opened her mouth and started to speak. Right when
she did this, I slapped the hell out of her ass cheek. I left a nice red handprint. Needless to mention, she said nothing.

After another ten minutes or so, I got up and placed a clothespin on
each of her nipples. She moaned and bent at the knees, but she took the
pain. I leaned back and watched some more television, waiting on my
buddies to get there.

It was fun watching her trying to stand still. She tried and tried to
keep her arms still, but kept wringing her hands, not knowing what to do,
or what to expect. When they knocked on the door, I opened it and let Paul
and Ray inside. I was shocked to see that Paul had brought his wife.

These were guys that I had met at a trade show I attended and had gotten
to know pretty well. They were in town to sell products so I set this
meeting up. Paul said he and his wife have an open relationship and when
he told her, she wanted to come watch. Cool, can't beat that!

"Ginger! Get down on your knees."

She dropped to her knees and blushed as Ray said, "Wow, she really will
do anything you say!"

"Ginger, take the clothespins off your nipples and rub each one."

She reached up and un-squeezed each one and with a deep breath, rubbed
them. "Pull on them, twist them and make them red." She pulled them out
and the pain was obvious. She kept twisting the tips and moaning until
Paul's wife Cindy walked over to her.

She sat on the bed next to my kneeling slave and whispered something in
her ear. Ginger's hands stopped rubbing her tits, but she did not let go.
"Yes!" she said. When she spoke, the guys stopped and just listened.
"Yes, I am hot and wet." "Because he told me to." "Yes, anything he says."
"Because I am a slut. I want someone else to be in control."

This was so hot. We could not hear what questions she was asking, just
the response. Up to this point no one had touched Ginger, she had just
been standing there. "He fucked me, and whipped me, and he teases me. He
makes me feel trashy." "No." "No, I don't know why, it just makes me more
horny." "No, please don't. I don't know you. How many people are here?"

"What Ginger?" I said, "What did you say?"

"Umm, Master, she wants me to spread my legs and prove my pussy is wet."

I reached over and slapped her hand away and grabbed her whole tit.
Roughly twisting and holding it tight, I said, "You will do anything that
anyone in this room orders. Understood!"

"Ye..Ouch.. Yes, yes, yes."

I grabbed her by the back of the hair and lifted her to her feet. I
pulled her head down and bent her over with her ass facing Cindy.

"See Cindy, see this big fat pussy."

I slid my hand right between her thighs and it went right up to her
pussy. She was wet down to her knees.

"Here Cindy, you touch. Only a true slut gets so wet that pussy juice
runs down her legs."

I let her hair go and reached around and spread her pussy lips wide so
everyone could clearly see her hole. Cindy pointed her finger and reached
out and pushed it into her cunt. Ginger tried to be quiet, but she was
oohing and aahing and biting her lip.

I told Paul and Ray to be constantly talking, saying things to her. I
asked them to try and make her feel like a dirty whore.

"Man, look at that big cunt she has. She just bends over and lets
anyone have it."

"I bet she likes to suck dick? Any whore likes that."

"Ginger, goto Ray and ask to and suck him off."

She stood and he unzipped his pants and sat in front of her.

"Please let me suck your thing."

"My what?"

"Your dick let me suck your dick, please."

Ray grabbed her head and forced his already hard dick down her throat.
He was not to gentle about it. She bobbed her head up and down and
deep-throated his member. While this was going on, I fixed some drinks for
everyone and watched the three of them touch and grope Ginger.

I motioned for Cindy to sit back and then yanked Gingers head off Ray's
dick. I used her hair to wipe her face and while still on her knees,
turned her around to face Cindy.

"Ginger, beg Cindy to suck her tits. Maybe she will let you"

"I never did that before, she said, I am not sure I like women."

I led her on her knees over to the chair and pulled her across my knee.
I spanked her ass ten times and covered it in red marks. Paul and Ray
reached in and swatted her a few times also. She was starting to flinch,
so I stopped and again said, "Ginger, beg Cindy to suck her tits."

She turned around to her and said, sniffling, "Please let me suck your

Cindy said, "Why, what is in it for me?"

"Umm... please, I will make your nipples hard... and... please don't
make me beg."

Cindy reached down between Gingers legs and rubbed her clit area with
two fingers. "Make you beg to what?"

"Please, ohhhh God, let me suck your tits. I really want to."

"But you do not like girls, why should I?"

"I was told to, I will do anything you want, just let me taste them."

"Taste them, Cindy said, now you want a taste? Are you begging to taste
another girls body?"

"Yes, please, let me suck you."

"Unbutton my pants", Cindy ordered.

Ginger fumbled around and got her slacks opened. Cindy then, grinning,
stood, which put her crotch right in Gingers face. She lowered her pants
and let them fall to her ankles. Ginger looked very delicious sniffing the
air, never being this close to another pussy before.

Cindy sat and pulled her legs up, spreading her crotch wide open. Paul
just sat with his mouth open. I guess he never imagined this about his
wife. Cindy was small framed, with covered, but hopefully nice looking
tits. Her pussy was very hairy, just trimmed enough for her bikini.

She took Ginger by the ear and pulled her closer. "Eat me, and if I
don't cum, we all leave and you get nothing!"

WOW, this was not part of the plan I had. It seemed that Cindy had a
dominant side and was expressing it. She pulled Gingers head into her
crotch and rubbed it from side to side. Ginger pulled away for a breath
and her face was covered in liquid.

Ginger did not know what to do, but it seemed that Cindy was enjoying
what she did. She had laid her body back on the bed and Paul was kissing
her on the mouth while her pussy was being sucked on. Ginger must have
found her clit because Cindy moaned and Paul started to rub her tits through her shirt.

Ray and myself just sat back and took it all in. His dick was still out
of his pants and he was rubbing it, mesmerized. Cindy moaned louder and
grabbed Gingers head and had quite a big orgasm. She shook and jerked and
jumped each time her clit was touched. She finally pushed her head away
and flopped back onto the bed. "I guess we will stay for a while," she
said laughing.

Ginger started to wipe her face off, but I said, "No, leave it. It
makes you look more like a true slut. Get on the bed, here, and lie on
your back." I adjusted the blindfold so she could not see.

"Now, spread your legs and play with your pussy. Do not make yourself
cum, but shove your fingers in and out so we can watch"

Slowly, she opened her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She pulled
her legs all the way up and was jamming 3 fingers into her wet hole. Cindy
had gone into the bathroom to refresh herself and surprisingly left her
pants off. We were all watching Ginger finger fuck herself when she
started to cum. She screamed out and her hips started to buck up and down.

I immediately grabbed her hands and yelled to stop. "Damn it" I said. I
grabbed her side and rolled her onto her stomach. Grabbing her feet I pull
her down the bed and then grabbed her hips and yanked her ass into the air.
I took my belt off and smacked her ass. SMACK. SMACK.

"I told you not to cum. Why did you?"

"Oh, I could not hold on, it was like a dam busting."

"Then you have no self control and you will be punished until you do."

I gave the belt to Ray and told him to whip her until he gets tired. I
took a small whip I had brought and started to hit her back and thighs.
Ray was leaving little whelps from the belt and she was grabbing the
bedspread with both hands.

Ray and I both stopped and Cindy raked her fingernails down her ass and
legs. When she did this Ginger started to cum. She was pushing her ass
backwards and moaning into the bed.

"Are you cumming again? I just whipped you for doing it in the first
place. Obviously you need more punishment until you stop having
uncontrolled orgasms."

"Stand up, UP, NOW!"

Ginger rolled over and stood up. She reached out and steadied herself
and stood up. "Ray, tie her hands behind her back."

Once this was done I walked over to her and said "Don't move, or things
will get worse for you!" Cindy was sitting in the chair, rubbing her pussy,
and watching with delight.

I adjusted her bra and pulled her boobs up so they were pushed out and
sitting on top. I then proceeded to whip them, over and over. Twirling
the whip sideways and landing blows on her nipples. She started to get
upset and when I hit her hard, she turned away.

"Damn it again! You have now embarrassed me in front of my friends.
Paul, Ray, hold her."

They each held an arm as I ripped her bra from her body. She started to
get scared, and struggled some. They held her firm and I started slapping
her tits. I used my open hand and slapped them up and down, side to side.
I lifted them up by the nipples and slapped the bottom. She was now crying
and I gave her 5 more hard slaps.

I glanced at Cindy and gave her the go ahead. She stepped over and
squeezed a nipple. "You won't come without permission again, will you?"

"NOOooaauuuu, NO, nono, please stop."

Cindy stopped and said, "Let her go. Now, don't move slut."

Cindy raked her fingernails down each of her tits. They were bright red and the nipples were very puffy. She moaned and started to move. "DON'T
move, stay still." She made sure there were long red fingernail scratches
covering each of her boobs.

When she got to the ends, she leaned over and sucked a nipple into her
mouth. Ginger lost it again. She started cumming and fell over on the
bed. We all laughed at her and taunted her some more. "What a sex slut.
She cannot take anything and has no control."

Cindy said, "Maybe she will like this," and proceeded to take Paul's
pants off. Get up here Paul, up on the bed on your knees. Of course, Paul
did whatever he was told to do at this point. He was a larger guy, and had
a big hairy ass. That was probably why Cindy had a hairy bush also.

Cindy positioned Ginger behind Paul, and then took her blindfold off.
Ginger was staring at Paul's sweaty, hairy ass. "Lick his ass nice and

Ginger paused, but leaned forward with her tongue stuck out and took a
lick. She did not like the taste, but did not turn to look at any of us
either. I untied her hands and told her to hold his ass open to get a
better taste.

I then gave Ray a silver butt plug to insert into her ass. Not having
any experience, he just tried to push it right in. Ginger yelled loud, but
did not stop licking. "No, no, no," Cindy said, this is how you do it.
You must prepare her first."

She spit on her ass and took a finger and pushed it right in. She
twisted it and stretched and then slid in two fingers. "Insert, turn,
turn, and stretch. Then you use two fingers and repeat until you get it
loose. Now, you try."

Ray wet his fingers and pushed them into her ass. Ginger must have been
enjoying this because she was pushing back to help him. After he had three
fingers in her ass and it would not quite close all the way when he took
them out, he pushed the butt plug in and wiggled it around to get a good

Cindy had been jacking Paul's cock while Ginger licked his asshole and
soon he came like a horse. Cindy caught most of it with her hands and
rubbed it on Gingers face. Ginger was licking her lips and mouth with her
tongue trying to get the cum smeared on her face.

"Since you like that Ginger, have some more."

I had her lie down and told Ray to fuck her tits. He climbed onto her
chest and slid his dick between her tits. We all watched as he held onto
them and squeezed them together as he thrust his cock in and out. Cindy
reached over and rubbed my dick thru my pants as she watched.

Soon Ray came all over Gingers face and fell over exhausted. Cindy said
to me, "Your turn? What do you want?"

I reached down and touched her pussy and said, "Maybe some of this?"

"No, no, I have to pee first."

"So do I", said Paul and Ray.

We all laughed at this and turned to the bathroom at the same time,
laughing again. Glancing at Ginger, she was wiping her face off, so I told
her to stop. "Come here, now!"

She got up and I led her into the bathroom. "Get in the tub and lie
down." She did it without hesitating; probably thinking she would get clean
this way. I pulled my dick out and started to piss right on her. She
started to sit up and Cindy pushed her pack down with her foot.

"Come guys, you can pee also."

They joined me and we covered her in piss. Ray seemed to enjoy aiming
at her face, while Paul and I covered the rest of her. When we were done,
I asked if Cindy wanted us to leave?

"No, I have always dreamed of being in control like this, so you might
as well stay and enjoy."

Cindy stepped up on the side of the tub, putting a foot on each side of
it. She held onto us guys for support and squatted her ass right over
Ginger. She closed her eyes and then let loose a stream of pee that was
more forceful than I expected. She must have been holding it for a while.

When she was done, we all stood there and stared at Ginger, lying in the
bathtub, covered in piss and cum. She had not said a word and was being
very docile. There was a handheld shower nozzle and I handed it to her. I
turned the water on and told her to clean up.

"You have 5 minutes to clean and do anything else you want."

With us watching she was hesitant to start, but then she immediately
turned the shower handle to pulse and put it between her legs. She came
almost immediately and quite intensely.

We left her to clean up and went back into the hotel room. Again, Cindy
asked what I wanted. About that time, Ginger walked out of the bathroom,
dry and clean, with her head down, ashamed.

"This. Come here. Kneel down and suck her tits, like I asked you to do

Ginger knelt on the floor and lifted Cindy's shirt over her head. Wow!
She had great tits. They were firm and the nipples were very puffy. I
would guess she was a 36C and they looked great.

Ginger moved forward and licked and sucked each of her nipples. She
licked each boob and rubbed and was eating them like candy. Cindy was
really enjoying this and pulled Ginger on top of her. Now we got to watch
the two girls kiss and make out.

I was sitting at the end of the bed, and got to see two very wet pussys
on top of each other. I reached out and stuck a finger into each of them.
There was a loud moan from both girls and more intense kissing. I left
Ginger alone and was fingering Cindy's hairy cunt. Both guys were playing
with the girls' tits while they were lost in kissing.

The girls rolled over and this put Cindy on top. I pulled my pants off
and put my dick up to her pussy. With one stroke I slid into her cunt as
far as I could. I reached up and grabbed her hair and pulled it back.
This lifted her head and made her chest thrust out.

I was fucking her hard, slamming into her pussy and each of the guys was
holding one of her tits into a point and Ginger was biting and sucking her
nipples. Suddenly her pussy grabbed my dick and it felt like a milking
machine. She was coming over and over and finally stopped.

I told Paul to lie on the other bed. "Ginger, get up here and fuck him.
Do a good job or you will get beat again." She climbed on top and started
to ride his cock like a carnival attraction.

On the other bed Ray was eating Cindy's pussy to another orgasm. She
was pulling her nipples and twisting them while he wrapped his arms around
her thighs to hold on.

While Ginger was fucking Paul, I went behind her and pulled the butt
plug from her ass. She screamed and came all on top of him. She must have
squirted because he had a shocked look on his face and they were both
covered in liquid.

I got on my knees behind them and put my dick against her ass. Since
Paul was already inside her pussy, this would be the first double fucking
she ever got. I pushed my dick in and felt Paul's cock moving around
inside. We got into a rhythm and were soon fucking the shit out of her.
He would go in and I would come out and we just kept going and going.

She came two or three additional times and there was pussy juice
completely covering Paul's stomach and chest. I was about to come, when
Cindy came over and pulled my dick out and sucked on the end of it. I saw
stars and almost fell down. She sucked down every drop and swallowed most
of it. She then kissed Ginger and spit the rest in her mouth.

I pulled Ginger off of Paul and rolled her onto her back. Cindy and I
pulled her legs apart and up, spreading her asshole so Ray could have his
turn. Cindy squatted over Gingers face, facing Ray, holding her legs open
and watching him slide his cock into her ass. I spread her ass apart and
she sat right on Gingers face.

"Lick my ass and make me cum you whore slut!"

I got behind Cindy, holding her up and playing with those wonderful
tits. The combination of me twisting her nipples, watching Ray fuck an
asshole, and Ginger licking her, must have been the right thing, because
Cindy came so hard she started to pee. When Ray saw this, he pulled out
and grabbed his dick and came, shooting cum into the air and hitting Cindy
in the face and chest.

She was peeing, not like before, but it was flowing over Gingers neck
and tits. As she finished, she ground her ass into Gingers face with a
grunt. She rolled off and Ginger took a big deep breath.

Panting and wheezing, we all caught our breath. After a few minutes, we
started to get cleaned up. Cindy made Ginger clean each of us with her
mouth and tongue. Once that was all done, she made Ginger get dressed in
her work clothes and walked her to the door.

"Go home slut. We are done using you," She said as we laughed and
closed the door. We watched her climb into the truck and drive off. We
talked a little about what happened and then planned our next adventure.

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