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when I was 15


In 1977 I was Ace

A true tale of my youth, involving an older woman.

Readers of my writings will be aware how I love old/young stories.

this was a "flash story" written for the asstr anniversary
celebration, and is only 500 words long. I might make it longer some

The rest of my stories are at;
and; [in plain text]

When I was 15 years old, I lived in very secluded area. It was all
right during the tourist season, but in the off-season there was
virtually no one around.

I was living alone. My mother had gone off on honeymoon with her new
husband. I was hanging out with Steve. He was in his late twenties.

There were no girls my age, no women his age. He told me of Cindy.
she had moved to the city, he was nuts about her.

Then he came walking up to the house with a big shit eating grin on
his face, Cindy in tow.

I knew her slightly. In an area like that, everyone knows everyone.
She was about Steve's age, not a traffic stopping beauty, but a
good-looking woman.

She was only in town for two days and one night.

Steve had to work, Cindy had nothing to do. She hung out with me.

I took her up through the woods on my motorbike. She clung to me, her
breasts pressed into my back.

"Steve is a nice guy, but I don't want to sleep with him." She said
in my ear.

And after a short time; "Could I spend the night at your place?"


"I mean with you. In your bed."

Really, those exact words.


Hey, I was 15. What do you want from me?

I wasn't a virgin. I had been with a couple of other women; my first
had been 25 years old, the second 20. There were so few people around
here that everyone slept with everyone sooner or later.

She told Steve straight out. He wasn't too happy, but he accepted the
situation fairly gracefully.

The night came; we went to my room. I had a single bed.

We took off our clothes and crawled in together.

We kissed and fondled for a while, then she rolled onto her back, and
pulled me over on top of her.

She was a very sensual woman, she loved sex. Probably still does. I
haven't seen her for several years now.

She came three times, I swear.

"Would you like to try some other positions?"

"No." I said, embarrassed.

I still regret my reply. She was a hot lady.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a hard on.

I started to kiss her, she woke and responded.

It was pitch black, and as I recall, neither of us said a word. I
think she came, I know I did. We went back to sleep.

We did it again in the morning. She was impressed.

She had a shower and left to spend the day with Steve before going

I saw her about three years later. She had a small child with her.
We hugged and kissed. I asked around later; the child was too young to be mine, thank God.

She told me once that I was her only ex-lover that was still her
friend. I found that sad.

Ace 2000 [Please!!]

The rest of my stories are at;
and; [in plain text]


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