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Title: Only a whisper
Author: Cait N.
Contact: caitn at mindspring dot com
Series: TNG
Codes: R/T
Rating: R for sexual content
Archive: ASC yes, everyone else please ask

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters, I just take 'em
out for a spin every once in a while.

Summary: What turns a woman on? For Deanna, it's the
voice. <g>

Author's Notes: This was inspired by, well, me. lol I'm a
sucker for a deep voice (Sean Connery, Daniel Benzali,
Michael Dorn). I've always thought Picard was sexier than
Riker, just because of his voice. <g> Thanks to Mariel for
beta-ing this for me. You're a dear!


"Only a whisper"
copyright January 2001 by Cait N.

It's always the voice that does me in. I'm a sucker for a
deep, come-hither voice -- the kind that worms its way into
your consciousness and then slowly spreads out like
wildfire. For some women, it's bedroom eyes, or a sexy
smile, or the shape of the ass. For me, it's the voice.

I was walking to my quarters after a late night of working
out in the holodeck. It was a fairly long walk, and I
usually passed the time with going over the next day's
appointments in my head.

I must have been walking for about three minutes when I
heard his voice. I'd know Will's voice anywhere. It was
low and sonorous and was coming from right behind me. I
heard a girl's voice answer him, someone I didn't know. I
started to concentrate on their conversation, hoping to
hear him talk some more.

He answered whatever question she asked, and the
conversation continued. What it was about wasn't important
to me. The sound of his voice and what it was doing to me
was all that mattered.

My world narrowed until it was just me, the endless
corridor, and the sound of his voice. I pictured him in my
mind, tall and dark, with just the slightest trace of a
dimple when he smiles. He's the type to smile often, too,
the light sparkling in his eyes.

His total attention would be on me. Occasional touches on
my arm would let me know he was interested. Or maybe he'd
brush back my hair from my cheek, tuck it behind my ear.

He'd use that voice to mesmerize me until I would follow
him anywhere. He'd walk me to my quarters, invite himself
in for a drink. I could deny him nothing. Not with that

My leggings were damp now, and not just from the workout
I'd just had. I longed for the relative privacy of my room,
so I could give in to the impulse to fondle myself, but I
kept my pace even and steady. To reach my quarters was to
give up the caress of his voice, and that was something I
was not ready to do.

Once inside my quarters, I'd go into the bathroom to
freshen up. He'd follow, filling my small bathroom with his
larger-than-life presence. His hand would cover mine,
letting me know the drink had only been an excuse.

His hands would be firm but gentle as they undressed me.
Right there in the bathroom. He wouldn't want to wait, walk
to the bedroom, and do it sensibly. He'd lift me up onto
the bathroom counter, his hips snuggled between my thighs.

My breath was coming in short gasps now. I could see the
corner up ahead where I'd have to turn to go to my
quarters. I tightened my grip on my gym bag and almost
moaned aloud when he laughed at something his companion
said. His laugh was the same as always -- deep, full of
life, and heartfelt.

He'd nibble at my lips then trail down to my neck,
whispering nonsensical words. That voice. That voice that
held the promise of delights unimaginable.

He'd whisper in my ear as he slid into me. Nothing would
exist but the sound of his voice and the heavy weight of
him sliding in and out.

My pants were tight and confining now. I could feel the
tiny shocks from the rough cotton of my panties rubbing
against my sensitized crotch. I squeezed my eyes shut and
then opened them. Almost to the corner. Damn!

The room would be getting hotter. I would tilt my head
back and close my eyes to keep the sweat out. In and out,
in and out. Slow and steady, the crisp, curly hair on his
thighs tickling mine. And the voice. He is a talker. God,
how I love that!

It would be his voice that sends me over the edge more
than any amount of foreplay could ever do. I would bite my
lip as I came, not wanting to drown out his husky words and
moans of excitement. He would moan loud enough for the both
of us as he comes right after me, his voice washing over me
and coating me in a blanket of unadulterated delectation.

I could see the turn up ahead. My fantasies about the
sensuous-voiced commander behind me had got me so turned
on, I was on the verge of having an orgasm before I even
lay a hand on myself. I couldn't get to my quarters fast
enough, but my feet seemed to drag along.

He would lean his forehead against mine and run his hands
up and down my arms. Only then would I realize I have
goosebumps. Not from the chill in the room, but from the
warmth of his voice.

I turned the corner, half hoping that they would turn
also. I paused as I heard the footsteps continue straight
on. I was tempted to turn around. I took a deep breath and
chided myself for acting like a silly teenager. I
continued on to the haven of my waiting quarters.

The door opened for me as I felt warm air on the back of
my neck, and Will's voice whispering in my ear, "Mind if I
join you?"

The rush of excitement running through my veins made me
dizzy. With a smile on my face, I grasped his hand and led
him inside.


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