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work in progress I felt his dick harden and pulse as he shot his cum into my pussy. I was know a slut. In the space of half an hour I had just
let my brother and two of his friends fuck me and cum in my unprotected
pussy, and know his third friend was cumming in me, filling me with even
more cum. His dick was shorter than the other 3's dicks, so it hadn't
displaced the cum from my previous fucks. Only my brothers dick had been
long enough to push up against my cervix when he came and each dick after
had been successively shorter. So now I could feel a weight in my pussy.
It was the built up cum of 4 fucks seeping deeper into my pussy. I didn't
care though, and I was quite willing to lay their bent over the arm of the
couch and let it seep deeper possibly impregnating me. I was tired. I had
been tired of sex after the second guy had finished. I had came several
times by that point and only because of the deal we had made did I let the
other two fuck me. The lack of pleasure from the sex only making me feel
like more of a whore.

So now I lay bent over the couch arm, (a position I had chosen so I
wouldn't have to look them in the face) with my face resting on the couch
cushion as the fourth boy pulled out and I felt my pussy lips pull closed
feeling pleasurably hollow inside as my pussy closed up after four unwanted
dicks had used it, held it open, and pumped it full of cum.

"Shit!", my brother said as he heard the garage door start to open on
the other side of the house.

I shot up straight, pulled my panties, and pantyhose up to my waiste and
pulled the back of my dress back down. I ran down the hall, leaving the
boys to clean up the little amount of cum that had seeped out onto the
couch. I was just heading up the stairs when the door from the garage

My mother seeing me on the stairs said, "Come help with the groceries."

I hesitated, but I couldn't think of a quick excuse. There was no
bathroom upstairs so I couldn't claim to have been just about to go. I
turned and when down and out to the garage. The cum, feeling the pull of
gravity was trying to drip out now that I was standing up, and I was acutly
consious that with every step a little more seeped out.

When I got all the groceries inside, I started for the stairs, "Just a
second young lady," my mother said, "have you forgotten that we're going
shopping for your winter jacket at the sale today?'

Once again, I was trapped. The entire time I had been putting away the
groceries, I was thankful for the extra absorption of my pantyhose on top
of my panties, but there was no way that they could absorb all the cum they
had left in my pussy. I had no choice. I had to go.

My mother left a $20 on the counter and shouted to my brother; "Your
sister and I are going shopping. There is a twenty on the counter for
pizza for you and your friends."

"Okay," he shouted back.

I could faintly hear the sounds of a video game coming from the den. A
video game! Three of them had just lost their virginity fucking me and
they were know playing a video game! The bastards! I was now a slut and
had to go shopping with my mother with a pussy full of cum and they cared
so little they just sat down to play video games.

I hurried out to the car fuming, If they didn't have that tape they
tricked me into making... but that was a different matter. Right know I
was worried about staining the car seat with cum. I pinched my legs
together the whole 45 minutes to the store so when we got there they were
cramping up really bad by the time we parked. Thankfully the cum on my
underwear and pussy had dried by then sealing my pussy shut with matted
hair and fabric. The crotch of my panties was stiff and uncomfortable.
With each step I took I could feel my hairs being pulled but I was glad.
The dried cum held my pussy lips together keeping the rest from leaking
out. And there was a lot left in my pussy I could feel it slide back and
forth with each step. I knew if I spread my legs wide enough I would break
the seal and a torrent of cum would pore out.

I did make it. It was uncomfortable and mother kept asking me to walk
quicker, but I made it. When we got back home I went upstairs, locked my
door and dropped onto my bed. I lay there for a while resting then propped
myself up on my elbows and slid my pantyhose down feeling them pull at my
skin because the crotch was covered in dry cum. I then pried my panties off wincing each time they yanked a pubic hair. I looked down at my pussy.
The hair all around it was matted down and a white crust covered the pussy lips. I reached down with my right hand and pried them open. The rest of
the cum ran out forming a small pool under my ass.

I layed down on my back legs spread dripping cum, and thought. "If I
hated all of today, why am I turned on now looking at my pussy with all the
cum on it and dripping from it? And why was I looking forward to feeling
it happen to me again? Why didn't I care that I could get pregnant by one
of 4 men one my brother?"

I slid the index finger of my right hand into my pussy and and felt how
slick it was with cum, while rubbing my clit with my thumb. I came quickly
slid my finger out licked it once to see what sex tasted like and then fell
asleep exhausted.

I suppose I shoud tell you how this all started. No, I didn't just wake
up one morning and decide to have sex with four guys. I also was not a
virgin for a long time before that. I think the first time


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