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On The Yacht by DAVE437

Karina and I were looking forward to a leisurely respite from all the
work this year. The tax season had worn me out. Karina decided to fly to
San Francisco to meet me. Karina is a beautiful girl, sparkling emerald
eyes, nice full breasts, and absolutely sexy. She had agreed to help me
sail a boat to Mexico, even though she was inexperienced in the art. She
was a quick learner, as I soon discovered and she really pulled more than
her own weight...... Anyway................

My partner had offered the use of his yacht for a couple of weeks and
Karina and I were looking forward to a leisurely sail to Mexico along the
coast. The weather was unusually cooperative and our trip was quite nice
although it was a lot of work for just the two of us. We started from
Sausalito (across the bay from San Francisco) and we sailed all day & night
until we were near San Luis Obispo, where we stopped to rest a few hours.
Even though this was a small sailing yacht, it still took a lot of work to
sail it, normally requiring two couples. We were bone tired, and we needed
to rest. I hit the bed and was out like a light until the next morning.
We had a hearty breakfast and weighed anchor as soon as possible. I wanted
to get to Catalina before dark.

We arrived in Catalina late that evening, the winds not cooperation
enough. We set anchor in the harbor and slept until dawn. We had a
leisurely breakfast and set sail again for Mexico.

We arrived at Ensenada, Baja, Mexico, that evening, staying overnight
again before continuing on. Before we left, I took Karina for a short
shopping excursion ashore at Ensenada. We went around the tip of Baja to
anchor in the calm waters of the Bay of California, near La Paz. By that
time we had begun to develop muscles where we never had them before and it
was absolutely time for relaxation. The winds had been in our favor most
of the way, but now they were almost totally calm. We furled the sails and
anchored a little ways offshore for some privacy. Fishing was good in
these waters and we soon caught our dinner. which we enjoyed with an
excellent California Chardonnay. Karina was entranced by my friend's
yacht. The galley was superb and comfortable, but what really got her was
the beautiful teak four poster bed in the main cabin. And I had filled it
with gardenias from a flower shop, as I knew she liked their fragrance.

After a pleasant dinner and wine, we took a couple of Mexican Brandies
up on deck and watched the sunset and the lights come on inland. A
beautiful full moon rose and its light danced over the waters as we sat on
the deck relaxing. We joked and talked about the trip down. Sailing is a
lot more work than most people realize, but the peace and quiet we were now
experiencing is well worth it. Tomorrow, we would go ashore, but tonight
was ours.

We retired to the main cabin and Karina went into the large head to
change. I usually sleep naked, so I just undressed and climbed in to wait
for her in the big bed. She appeared in a few minutes in a pretty, sheer
black lace night gown. I became immediately hard just watching her
beautiful body glide across the cabin. She knelt beside me and we kissed
for a moment and then I took her in my arms holding her soft curves close
to me. I wanted her so much....! I pulled her down and turned her over on
her back as I cupped her pretty firm breasts and I kissed her deeply, her
lips accepting and returning eagerly to my ministrations. She reached down
and began to fondle my full balls and stroke my hard cock. I reached down
and began stoking her vagina and teasing her clit with the wetness. She
became insistent and pull my cock forward to enter her through the
crotchless panties. I gave a gasp of pleasure as her warmth surrounded my
cock. We began a rhythm that we were sure would create waves, but we
didn't care. I was in heaven! Soon she was meeting my deep thrusts with
enthusiasm and I heard her cry out as I brought her to her first climax.
That was when I exploded, filling her full of my thick cream.

We cuddled closely afterwards kissing lightly and whispering sweet
nothings until we fell asleep in each other's arms. We both slept like
logs until the morning.

I woke up to find her gone, and went up to the deck looking for her.
Karina was sitting on the bench on the afterdeck watching the seabirds
flying about the boat. She had on just very small panties and an almost
sheer bra and a very short robe. I had slipped on a small bikini swimming
suit that really hid nothing. "You might as well be nude with that thing
on, you know..." she said as she smiled up at me. I answered her, "Your
wish is my command, my lady." and I immediately stripped to nothing.
Karina's eyes feasted on my cock which was only at half mast, but still
quite large at 7".

"What would my lady like for breakfast?" I asked. The look on her face
told me it had nothing to do with food, but she said, "Let's have shrimp
omelets. They will go well with the area. We ate quietly and the whole
time I saw her looking at me, but not my face. "Shall we rest before we go
to shore?" I asked and her eyes lit up, knowing full well what I

We went back to the four poster bed and I took her robe off and then
pinned her to the bed, pulling out some pink ribbons I had hid under the
bed. I tied her to the four posts, spreadeagled, and looked down at my
prize. I felt like the lucky buccaneer who found a pretty lass. She was
struggling, but only slightly, as we had talked about playing this game
before. I began kissing her all over, little pecks and carefully avoiding
anywhere sexual while breathing on those areas closely. I unhooked her bra
and pulled it off, revealing her firm breasts, the nipples already hard in
anticipation. I pulled her panties down and then realized I would have to
untie her to get them off, so I just ripped them off instead. I figured we
wouldn't need them for a while... I began kissing all around her breasts and up the inner part of her creamy thighs. She began bucking, raising her
pretty pussy up every time I got near it. I teased her some more by
kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples while leaving her love nest
untouched. She was moaning now, eager to have me inside her. I straddled
over her, my cock dangling over her mouth, as I began to lick and suck her
sweet pussy lips. She has one of the best tasting pussies I have ever
known! She was bucking madly up against my mouth and had vacuumed my cock
into her mouth, sucking greedily and I came to full hardness. I sank deep
into her mouth until I could feel my balls resting on her nose. Finally, I
could stand it no longer and I released a torrent of cum, spurt after
spurt, after spurt, with Karina gulping down every drop!

We never did go ashore that day. We sailed a little north to a private
cove and spent most of the time either swimming nude in the warm waters or
using the bed to play out fantasies. We even put on Scuba gear and dived
in the nude. As I followed her down in the warm waters, I watched her,
enchanted, like the sailors of old drawn to the mythical mermaids. She let
me catch up and we circled each other, touching and hugging. Karina lay
back slightly and I pulled her down over my rigid cock as I held her close
to me. We soon put on a show that scared all the fish away! I came in a
huge cum, and when we finally separated, she leaked a small white trail of
it in the water.

We went back to the boat and ate a light snack on deck and took a nap in
the shade of a large tarp we had put up over the afterdeck. This time I
woke before she did and my eyes feasted on her pretty butt as she slept on
her stomach. I began gently massaging her and she moaned pleasantly as she
loved being spoiled..... It didn't take long before I began to hard and my
hands started to slide down between her legs to gently caress her now very
wet pussy. I couldn't stand it any longer and I placed myself between her
legs and lifted her butt, entering her from behind. I plunged deep inside
of her, my balls slapping hard against her clit each time I entered her. I
heard her gasp and give a little cry as she came and I filled her full of
my man-cream over and over again until it dripped out of her to run down
our legs.

We dived of the boat and swam, refreshing ourselves in the warm waters.
We ate dinner that night, nude, on deck in the moonlight. For dessert,
Karina made me stand next to the helm and she knelt in front of me. Her
lovely mouth and tongue began to play with my balls and cock, licking every
inch of me. I tried to reach down to fondle her breasts, but she shook her
head no as she opened her mouth and began inching her way down my thick cock. She went all the way down to my pubic hairs, my balls resting on her
chin. I could feel the end of my cock begin to enter her throat. Slowly,
with a great deal of suction, she slid her mouth back, and then took me
deep into her throat again, each time a little further down her throat.
When she firmly lodged my cock into her throat I came, spurting and
spurting thick ropes of my man milk as she milked my cock with her mouth. I
filled her belly with my cream and she gulped every drop down.

We fucked and sucked in every imaginable position during our trip. I
think I might have to get my friend a new mattress when we get


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