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zombie daughters01


Daughters' Transformation(Part I) by BigBrain

Dr. John Ransfield, a world famous surgeon, psychiatrist and
neurologist. A PHD from Harvard University, who had gained many awards and
participated in the latest discoveries for new medicines to help people
with schizophrenia. It involved taking those with chronic catatonic lives
to making them live again, and have even healed most of them. Now he is
about to find out how the brain really works. How thoughts are processed,
where we record things, how they are recorded, and where our personality is
inside of our brains. In short, all of the things that make us human

Through incisions in a certain region of Thalamus`s ape, that when
compared to another group of apes who have not suffered the surgery, he
would watch the animals stay still in front of a mirror, expressionless and
mute. As if they lost their liveliness. The scientist could touch them
and they wouldn't even react. Even using pain, like electrical current or
heat, etc., they wouldn't move.

They just sat there numb, as if they had not felt nor seen a thing.
Their eyes were glazed, staring at nothing in particular and unfocused.
However they apparently maintained their other senses. The other animals in the study reacted the same. They continued living, but they did not
react to external stimuli.

Dr. Ransfield was a forty-one-year-old robust black man, with short
curly hair. He was 5'10" and weighed 200 pounds. He was widower as his
wife, Mary had died a year ago. And since then he had not had sex. He
lives with his three daughters as normal father, but has a deep desire to
possess them.

The youngest, Jane, is just 12 and is 5'1" tall and weighs just 80
pounds. Jandira at 14, is 5`3" tall and weighs 92. The oldest, Janaina,
is an adolescent at 16. All of them have cute bodies. Except for Janaina,
the rest are very kind to their father, always kissing him before they go
to bed. Janaina couldn't deal with her dad very well, in spite of her
father loving her very much. He thought that she was in a bad phase of her
life, with her hormones bubbling hotly and with trouble in love, things
like that.

Janaina however, was her father's favorite, as she was his first child
and by far the prettiest of her sisters. She was 5'5" tall, weighed 114,
had a slim curvey body with a narrow waist, perky tits, a cute ass, smooth
long legs, and long black hair which she usually kept in a ponytail. Jane,
the youngest was very little and didn't have tits yet, but she had a nice
body too and curly hair. Jandira, the middle girl, already had tiny tits,
a rounded firm butt, and also had curly hair.

He really liked their cute, sexy bodies. He drooled whenever he saw
their small tits developing and always wondered how he could get them into
bed with him, but he realized that there was no way to do what he wanted,
and not end up in jail, at least until now.

John worked for the Mind Research Institute in Newark, NJ, eight hours a
day, from 8 a.m to noon and then 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. Then he would go
back to home. His research improved day-by-day. He was the head of his
team of researchers. Their findings might revolutionize the court's
penalty system and might even be adopted for use instead of the penalty
death. The convict could even work outside of the prison, without any
apparent danger to the rest of society for the rest of their lives. They
would basically become a zombie worker.

He had another laboratory in the basement of his house, where he made
his most of his experiments with rats and apes. He hadn't tested his new
discovery yet on humans and needed a human volunteer. He was a crazy
scientist, and would do anything to get what he wanted, the control of a
female`s mind. Nobody knows exactly what he did. He was one of the more
mysterious scientists. In his hidden lab, he works far into the night.

One night, he had a plan. He wold test his discovery on his own
daughters. Before, going to bed, he prepared a different "tea" for them
than he usually made. He told them that it was only for them to have "good
dreams", but there was a powerful sedative laced into the "tea". They
drank the tasteful tea, thanked and kissed their dad and went off to bed.

It was 11 o'clock, and would take an hour before the sedative would be
fully effective. He used that time to arrange his tools in the laboratory,
the drill, the pincers, the scissors, the forceps, and three cold steel
blades side by side. After he finished, he carried each one down to the
basement on his back.

It was midnight and he sighed as he fastened the down to the tables with
leather straps on their wrists and ankles and a large metal strap on their
foreheads. Janaina would be the first. First he anaesthetized her scalp
with a injection. Then he adjusted the drill mechanism beside her temples
and slowly drilled into them. With his forceps and scissors he opened the
top of her skull. He localized the Thalamus's micro region with assistance
of the supercomputer`s screen and .... cut it off. Zapt !!!

Then he closed her back up and sewed the incision. He was so skilled
that Janaina`s surgery took only 2 hours. After finishing, he covered her
with a white sheet. He repeated the procedure with his other two
daughters. With more injections and some drugs. Presto! His long, hard
job was finally finished. He went to sleep a little after finishing the
last surgery, because he was very tired, and slept until the middle of the
next afternoon.

When the day was dawing he want eagerly see his macabre work. They are
still laying on her beds sleeping. He could see a little scar surrounding
their skulls. He has driven to his supercomputer and type some commands
and press enter key. What he can see next was a amazing awakening.. At
once, they opened their eyes wide, staring blankly at the ceiling,
expressionless. Just as he had done in his previous experiments on the
animals. With a more commands in the terminal he said: "Stand up!" and
they all got up from their sleep. The mindless girls looked more like
characters from a terror movie, and all stayed in a row with a vacant look
in their faces.

Janaina had a drool in the corner of her mouth. Her surgery was the
most difficult. She had many resisting areas in her brain. And was
necessary to take off a greater part than expected. She was now reduced to
complete mental dumb.They were wearing their nightgowns as usual. Janaina
wore a transparent blue one. He even could see her naked body through the
cloth. Underneath she was clad in only white cotton panties, but no bra.
Her tits were medium sized and her nipples were hard. She had large brown
aureolas. Her overwhelming look at nowhere in particular made his cock
stir. He approached her and then steadily squeezed her well-shaped tits as
if they were a sponge.

He removed all of the girls`s gowns, to see their naked bodies. He
compared the evolution of each. Janaina already had pubic hair and it
seemed like she was shaving it, due to perfectly outlined "V" of her mound.
Her tits were like two small melons. Jandira had less hair, but her pussy seemed well formed too. Her small, pear shaped tits were the size of large
lemons. Jane was still hairless and her flat chest showed no sign of tits yet. He turned them around to compare their back sides. Janaina had the
biggest, and naturally far the cutest butt. Jandira's was a little on the
big side, compared to the rest of her body, but that suited him just fine.
And Jane had the ass of a child.

His fat cock seemed to blow up and he took off his pants and shirt, and
then his underwear. He then went back to Janaina and said, "Bend over."
and she obeyed without hesitation. Her cunt was already wet easing the way
for his 12-inch cock to slide easily into her tight cunt. He concluded
that she was not a virgin and wondered if maybe she had lost her virginity
to her boyfriend. He then started to thrust in and out. In and out. In
and out... Several times. She only made a little moan, nothing else, her
eyes were fixed ahead. Always shouting his litany, call her of bitch, that
it was deserve to her for be so rebel. Now, he knew she belongs to her
father mind and soul. For any time, day and night. Forever!!!

After a spending some time fucking her cunt, he decided to fuck her
virgin ass hole, at least he thought it was. He rubbed some cream onto his
cock first, then spread her cheeks wide apart, and pressed his huge cock
into his daughter's tight ass hole. The only thing he noticed was that she
opened her eyes wider, so wide that they seemed to pop out of her head.
But her didn't mind. Her hips danced rhythmically, back and forth, back
and forth keeping time with his thrusts. Then finally he came inside of
her, filling her to the brim with the excess blasting back out around his
enormous prick and puddling on the floor.


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