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zombie daughters02


Daughters' Transformation(Part II)

But after fifteen minutes, he recovered his energy and his cock was hard
again. That is the turn of Jandira. She was stand up in a corner of the
roomjust looking ahead. Her naked body showing her blossoming
pre-adolescence. Her already shows the female curve forms. He approach
her, squeez her lemon-sized tits, suck them eagerly and finally said: "now
is your turn little angel!!! let's see what you can offer for your papa.
Start with a oral sex bitch". after his commands she opened her month
wider she could. Then, he buried his stick. And begin sloly thrust, after
fast while he grab roughly her hair. She maked booblo souds, and he was
ready to cum, but he hold the final pleasure a little more. While he
thrust her he keep contact with her eyes. They were like a still lake,
expressionless. It difficult to say what passed inside her mind. The
computer registrated however a clear mind of thoughts.The only areas he
could see working was that reffering to breathing and heart-beating. He
need to study more other effects as well. It had passed a half hour and he
still not had cum. He strike on her head and pinch her cheeks. But she
was like-anaesthetized. Go on her working as if nothing happened without
to discuss make all the same moves, still more slow, but she endure at all.
She were really a fucker machine. At last, very tired and sored he cummed.
And ordered her to swallow everything.

He walks to the newest, Jane. She was virgin yet, even so tastefull.
His cock was soft now. But she of course will be the next victim. Only he
could now was test his new plaything. He strikes on her face and butt, say
that she is a bad girl and deserve it. She seems to a vegetal, do not
reacting at all. Her butt was smooth a enouth for squeezing. He rubs his
flacide member then while he scanned her cunt, still wet for her age.
Enough to support his large stick. He ordered to bend over and she did
obediently. He command her sit on him, and she did. This will be perfect
in a few hours, when he would recover his forces. He was take a shower and
luch. Naturally he have to give food in their mouths, their was like a
vegetables now. He must improve that and create another mean to turning
round this. He had to reprogram their minds. And he was almost getting
with his new program "ZombieControl", needed only few settings.


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