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The Erotic Mind-Control story Archive Titles · Authors · Categories ·
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Author: Tabico

"Daughter's Transformation" by BigBrain (
(mc,md pedo, incest)

DISCLAIMER: This material is for adults only; it contains explicit
sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships. If you are offended by
this type of material or you are under legal age in your area, do NOT

COPYRIGHT: Copyright © 2001 BigBrain ( All
rights reserved; this story is not to be reproduced in any form for profit
without the express written permission of the author. This story may be
freely circulated only in its entirety and with this notice attached.

COMMENTS: This story draws its inspiration from many sources, chief
among which is Sara H's 'Pilgrimage' (and Iago's accompanying 'Birth of
Obedience'). I tend towards a technology-based type of Mind Control, and I
wanted to try my hand at a more "religious" sort of story, of which
'Pilgrimage' is an apotheosis. Of course, I have almost certainly
inadvertently drawn on stories by Eye of Serpent, cat_slave, and a number
of others. And, as always, my writing exists in pale counterpoint to that
of my personal erotic Mind Control muse, trilby else, whose work
doubtlessly bleeds into all of mine, making it the richer.

The Final Project(Part III)

by BigBrain

One month later, after several hours shutted up inside his lab, he
finally a invented a device that will reprogram minds. The real "Sex
Machine" that will transform any women into a real slut forever. Previus
experiment in female rats and female apes showed a increase of activity
related with brain's sexual area. A increase of heat's and coitus's time.
The females endure more time making sex and they are more submissive to
male species. Behaving like a real sex slaves of them. The females almost
have no hunger and almost no necessity to defecated or urinated, being
exclusive to the males for sex. When they have necessity for make potty
they do while making sex, without any restriction. They seemed dull sex
slaves for all the male genre.       That is turn to test in a human. The
victims: his owns daughters. After some improvements in the device he
chose firstly Janaina. He implanted the helmet over her head. Turn on the
device, typed some commands in the keyboard and press ENTER key. The all
process took only fifteen minutes, not more. Her eyes roll back, showing
the white wide eyes. He previus personality was erased, nulled. Only she
know to do, was obey and obey and was capable to do sastify any request.
He pull away the boxes and pants. Exposing his 12-inches hard prick, then
he sitted on a chair.. His prick forming a right angle. He commanded her
to mount on him. And she eagerly do. Showing her back, and riding
vigously his mast, in and out. He then said, slow motion, and she thrust
slowly in and out. He was filming everything for the register, any
movement of his discovery. He would see the videos for a select group of
scientits friends of the beginning of the project, and maked money. He
squeezed her tits, and sucked then eagerly as a reward. She continous look
ahead with the with white site of her eyes. Completly enslaved. What a
nice look!!! Her rounded cute ass rise and lower his huge cock. Whitout
any sound, any grumble and complaint. She has not any desire, she only
could cum when he command her to do, not now, not forever. She will only a
fountain of pleasure to him. It is well done to her for be so rough with
her dear papa. Now she was a puppet of him.



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